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Anti Bullying Advice Leaflet

Description Text: An easy-read leaflet giving information about bullying - what it is and how to stop it.

Anti-Bullying Advice Leaflet

An easy-read leaflet giving information about bullying – what it is and how to stop it.

Be The Light In The Darkness Campaign

Holocaust Memorial Day is 27th January. Get involved and create a piece of artwork or a photographic image interpreting the theme "Be the light in the darkness".

Bullying Advice for Parents and Carers

This leaflet, produced by Leicestershire County Council and Leicester City Council provides useful information and advice about tackling bullying for parents and carers.

Cyberbullying Advice for Parents and Carers

This leaflet has been produced by Leicestershire County Council and Leicester City Council and gives information and advice about Cyberbullying.

DfE - Preventing and Tackling Bullying

Preventing and Tackling Bullying is a DfE-produced document giving advice for head teachers, staff and governing bodies. It has been produced to help schools prevent and respond to bullying as
part of their overall behaviour policy, to understand their legal responsibilities in this area, and to understand the Department’s approach.

Exploring the school's actions to prevent homophobic bullying (Ofsted)

Exploring the school's actions to prevent homophobic bullying (Ofsted), provides background/further information for their inspectors and is a useful resource for other professionals too.

Information for Parents and Carers on Bullying

The Anti-Bullying Alliance and Red Balloon have developed a comprehensive anti-bullying information guide for parents and carers, with advice on steps to take if your child is being bullied.

Keep Safe Online: Cyberbullying

An easy-read leaflet about cyberbullying - what it is and what you can do if you are being bullied online or through your phone.

Keep Safe Online: Glossary of Terms

An easy-read leaflet which helps you to understand all the hard words linked to computers and mobile phones

Keep Safe Online: Personal Information

An easy-read leaflet about keeping your personal information and money safe when using the internet and phone.

Keep Safe Online: Photos and Videos

An easy-read leaflet about keeping safe when sharing photos and videos on your computer and mobile phone.

Keep Safe Online: Social Networking Sites

An easy-read leaflet about keeping safe when using social networking sites.

Parenting in a Pandemic - support for young people and parents/carers

If you are a parent/carer living in Leicester/Leicestershire or Rutland, you and your young person (aged 11-16 years) can access FREE online group sessions.

Peer Support - Principles for Good Practice

This leaflet provides Advice for Schools, Colleges & Children and Young People's Services on Peer Support - what it is, types of peer support and how to choose and run a successful peer support scheme.

Preventing and Tackling Bullying

Advice for Headteachers, Staff and Governing Bodies, DfE's most current anti-bullying guidance - updated in March 2014.

So You Think Your Child Is Gay?

Stonewall's parent guide is designed to give answers to some of the common questions that parents might have when they think their child is gay, or has just come out.

Stonewall 'Getting Started' toolkit

‘Getting started toolkit for preventing and tackling homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in primary schools’ which provides a framework and a set of practical tools to help primary schools start to tackle HBT.

Stonewall primary book list

Here are a number of great books which are appropriate for use with primary school children. These books can be used to talk about different families and to address homophobic bullying and language.

Stonewall secondary school book list

A selection of great books which can be used as part of the curriculum, and which
should not be missing from any school or college library.

Supporting children and young people who are bullied: advice for schools

This advice is non-statutory, and has been produced to provide schools with information about how to support children whose social, mental or emotional health is affected by bullying, including cyberbullying.