About Bullying

About Bullying


Am I being bullied?

Bullying can take many forms and it may not be easy to recognise. To make things a little easier, bullying usually has these common features:

INTENT - it is deliberate!

REPEATED - it happens more than once!

HARMFUL - it causes physical or emotional damage!

POWER IMBALANCE - it is difficult for those being bullied to defend themselves

In more simple terms, bullying is...


Types of Bullying

Alone from the group


Hitting, kicking, spitting, throwing stones or pushing. Getting another person to assault someone.


Verbal insults, name calling, racist or sexist remarks. 'Gay' or 'lesbian' used as an insult. Persuading another person to insult someone, spreading malicious rumours, obvious whispering.


Threatening and obscene gestures, intimidation by staring and 'dirty looks,' sending nasty or threatening text or e-mail messages. Removing and hiding belongings, deliberate exclusion from a group or activity, ignoring.

Cyberbullying (Online Bullying or E-Bullying)

Teen china girl look mobile phone

This includes:

  • Internet - either by e-mail or 'site victimisation' (when someone sets up an Internet site for the purpose of victimising an individual/group)
  • Mobile phones-text messages, picture/video clip messages

Further Reading

You can find more detailed information and advice on different types of bullying in the 'Professionals' section of this website.

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