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You Asked:

If your being bullied in class can u move classes as my son is being bullied in class most of last year and now this year can I get this class table moved

Our Advice:

Hi, I'm sorry to hear that your son is having trouble at school. Firstly, we would recommend that you speak to your son's class teacher about these issues so that they can try and make things better for him. If you have spoken to the Teacher and are still not happy, then you should speak to the Head or a member of SLT.

Moving classes may be an option that you could discuss with his teacher if there is an alternative class he could go to, however the best thing is for the issues he is experiencing to be addressed so that he can remain where he is.

I hope things get better for him.

You Asked:

hi if someone was giving u dirty looks in pe and u stood face to face with them is that bullying? also if u accidently hit them with ur bag does that count to

Our Advice:


Bullying is anything done deliberately and more than once, to make you feel sad, scared or upset. Dirty looks can be a form of emotional bullying if it is being done on purpose and several times (Several Times On Purpose) and if this is happening, you should find an adult you can tell so that they can help make it stop. Standing face to face with someone sounds like it could be intimidation and can also be emotional bullying if done repeatedly.

An accident is just that - an accidentally hitting someone with your bag isn't bullying and as long as you say sorry and try not to do it again, this shouldn't cause any more problems.

You Asked:


My 13 year old sister is getting bullied by a group of boys and she has expressed her concern to me and my mother. We informed the school about it and the school just changed her form class. The bullies then started to call her snitch and continued to bully her during lunchtimes and even made fun of her for being dyslexic. My sister told us that the school is not going to do much because the boys have been suspended for 2 weeks multiple times but the school won't do anything other than that as they think more about their reputation. She also told us that one of the boys was saying things to her and she told him shut up, the teacher saw all of this and only sent her out of the class and the boy did not even get questioned. I dont know what to do now as she does not trust the school at all as she keeps on saying the school will just suspend them again and then they will start bullying her again because that is what happens everytime and she is scared because the school wont do anything. How can i help my sister and what should I do?

Our Advice:

Hi and thanks for contacting us. You sound like a very caring sibling and your sister is lucky to have you want to help her.

We can give some general advice, as it's not clear where you are.

Your parents, or whichever adult cares for your sister really need to speak to someone at the school to explain what has been happening and how this is affecting her. School should put measures in place to try and stop the bullying and should keep in regular contact with the parent/carer so that they know if these measures are effective and the bullying is improving.

If things are still not better after an agreed amount of time then there are other steps which can be taken. This involves using the school complaints procedure, which should be outlined on the school website or by asking the school. When this is followed, the complaint will usually go to the Chair of Governors to investigate.

There are some things your sister can be doing too - such as keeping a record of any incidents, noting names, places and times when they took place. The important thing is that she keeps telling adults what is happening and if one adult doesnt take her seriously, she needs to find another who will.

I hope this is has been helpful and that your sister gets the support she needs.

You Asked:

hi i would like some advice and it is about cyber bullying and i have reported it and shown proof to my school and it has been 2 weeks since i reported it and nothing has happened and i am so tired of having to put up with bulling so if you could give me some advice that would be great.

Our Advice:

Hi, I'm sorry that things aren't any better for you.

Have you spoken to your parents/carers about what is happening? Hopefully if they know how this is affecting you they will be able to support you in speaking to someone at school about it so that school takes your concerns seriously.

I realise it is the summer holidays now so it may be a good time to have that conversation so that you are not worried about going
back in September.

If you would like to talk to someone else, you could visit the following website where you can speak to a school Nurse via text:

There is also lots of other information and advice on there which might help you.

I hope things get better for you but please don't keep this to yourself.

You Asked:

i keep getting bullied by the same people and it getting to that point when i don't want to come to school and i don't know what to do
because every time i go to a teacher i feel like they don't do anything and now i don't report bulling be cause i don't think that the
school do anything and they bully me for me being myself and i don't know what will make them stop please give me some advise.

Our Advice:

Firstly, I am sorry to hear that you aren't having a great time at school. It's not okay to not want to go to school because of other
people's behaviour.

I can understand your reluctance to report bullying to staff if you feel that they are not doing anything to stop it, however if no-one
knows what is happening then it is very difficult to help make it stop.

Is there a member of staff you get on with well at school who you feel you can talk to about what is happening? You just need to find
one person who will listen and take your reports seriously – this could be a member of pastoral staff, a Teacher, a member of Support
Staff or anyone else you trust in School. Unfortunately the first person you tell might not be the person who listens and helps you so don't give up.

I also think (if you haven't done already) that you need to talk to your parents/carers about what is happening so that they can support
you and help speak to someone at school about it.

Another option might be to talk to someone closer to your own age who can help. For example, do you have a peer support system at your school or any student mentors who you feel you could talk to?

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