Has your family life been affected by bullying? Has your child been bullied? Do you suspect your child is bullying others? Find out the background information on bullying and what the law says here.

How We Can Help You...

Bullying is one of the most frightening experiences any person can go through, young or old. Equally distressing is when the bullying is happening to your child at school.

We've created this section of the site for you – the parents, packed full of advice and information on the nature of the bullying your child may face. On these pages you will find guidance on how to help your child if they are bullied, how to help if your child is the bully and how to approach your school to attain the best solution for your child.

And please don't forget – if you are a Leicestershire parent we want to hear from you! We are working very hard to reduce bullying in Leicestershire schools but we cannot achieve this without your feedback and support. If you want to share your own views and experiences, tell us how we're doing, tell us about your child's school and/or suggest how we can do things better. Please let us know by completing our Feedback form. All comments will be read with interest.

We'd also like you to know that Anti-Bullying is very high profile in Leicestershire and across Britain as a whole. There is an enormous amount of help and support available to yourself and your child. Please see the Useful Resources for Parents section for a range of materials and websites we feel will increase your knowledge and understanding of bullying and the situations your child may face.