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hi i would ike some advise and it is about cyber bullyed and i have reported it and shown proof to my school and it has been 2 weeks sine i reported it and nothing has happened and i am so tied of having to put up with bulling so if you could give... Read More

Hi, I'm sorry that things aren't any better for you.

Have you spoken to your parents/carers about what is happening? Hopefully if they know how this is affecting you they will be able to support you in speaking to someone at school about it ... Read More

i keep getting bullied by the same people and it getting to that point when i dont want to come to school and i dont know what to do because every time i go to a teacher i feel like they dont do anything and now i dont report bulling be cause i do... Read More

Firstly, I am sorry to hear that you aren't having a great time at school. It's not okay to not want to go to school because of other people's behaviour.

I can understand your reluctance to report bullying to staff if you feel that they are ... Read More

Hello. I thought I'd contact you as there are group of girls at school who constantly keep passing comments between themselves about me. And giving me 'dirty looks'. I'm 15 and it's started to really upset me. I've spoken to teachers about it but ... Read More


I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing difficulties at school. You are absolutely doing the right thing in telling a member of staff when this happens. If you don't feel you are being taken seriously then try speaking to a different membe... Read More

My 5 year old daughter is being bullied by a 5 year old boy he keeps hitting her pinching her and will go out his way just to hurt her.. now the school as tried to keep them apart yet he still manages to get to her.. I don't know what to do, can I... Read More

Sorry to hear that your daughter is having problems at school.

Firstly, it is important that you keep communication going with your daughter's school and continue to let them know your concerns that she still feels unhappy. You can ask for a... Read More

Someone has been telling me to go kill myself for weeks. I'm not that bothered as i am used to it now but she says vile things to me and she still carries on.

Hi - Firstly, it's not ok to be subjected to this type of behaviour, even if you do say you are not bothered by it.

You do not say whether this is happening at school or elsewhere but the most important thing is for you to speak to an adult ... Read More

My best friend was hurting me and I tried to forget about it and I told a staff member of my school but now my other best friend tried to bite me the other day and I don't know what to do.

Hi – it's not ok for anyone to hurt you, emotionally or physically, so it's ok to feel upset. You might feel that you can talk to your friend about how they have made you feel & let them know that you don't want them to treat you this wa... Read More

One of my friends has told me that a group of girls at school have been saying nasty things about me on Facebook. They sent me some hurtful messages and then defriended me so that I can't see what they have been saying. They now giggle & whisp... Read More

It sounds like this is getting you down but don't worry – there are things that you can do.
If you can't talk to your parents then talk to another trusted adult who will be able to help (perhaps a member of staff at school). They might ... Read More

People at school keep calling me 'gay' and a 'homo'. I think it's because I don't like football and I'm not very good at sport. It's really getting me down and I've started to dread going to school. I'm worried about telling in case it makes it wo... Read More

Firstly, it's ok not to like sport & you don't deserve to be picked on – so just remember this isn't your fault. It's important to follow your own interests and be able to be yourself.

Any type of bullying is not acceptable & i... Read More

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