Bullying on a school bus

Incidents of bullying should be reported to the school at the earliest opportunity. School staff are in the best position to carry out an investigation into the incident as they will know the pupils involved.

Schools have a duty to respond to reported incidents of bullying and any information received is treated in confidence. Appropriate action will be taken and sanctions against pupils can include exclusion from school transport.

For the safety of pupils on the school bus, CCTV is fitted on many vehicles and where recordings are available they will be used to identify unacceptable behaviour.

You can also report bullying and any unacceptable behaviour on the school bus to the Safer Travel Team at Leicestershire County Council. A confidential online reporting form has been set up to allow anyone to report bullying and disruptive behaviour on the County's school buses.

The Safer Travel Team are keen to hear of any incidents and will work with the school to solve the problem. All incidents will be dealt with quickly and effectively and difficult situations handled in a sensitive manner.

For more information please visit www.leics.gov.uk/safertravel

Leicestershire County Council's Passenger Transport Unit also has a helpline: 0116 305 8777 or email: passengertransport@leics.gov.uk.

Bullying on transport provided for school trips/matches

Contact the school immediately with full details so that appropriate disciplinary action can be taken.

Bullying on public transport

Children and young people use many forms of public transport to travel to and from school. Where there is an incident contact the service provider and inform the school.

Where incidents are not related to school travel you should still contact the service provider. If the incidents involve students from the same school as your child you should make the school aware.

Any incidents involving criminal behaviour should be reported to the police.

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